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Hi there! Welcome to “me”. I’m an author and speaker. I hold a degree in Human Resources with a concentration in Gerontology which has allowed me a rewarding career advocating for vulnerable senior adults. After transitioning out of my private Guardianship practice of several years, I now work alongside my husband with our moving business as well as put in some part-time hours at an Elder Law office . . . still advocating for seniors.

My love of all things writing began at an early age, pretending to be a librarian leading “story time” with my imaginary patrons. Over the years I’ve contributed to various publications including newsletters, magazines and theater pieces. My first official publication was in 1993 for the magazine “West Coast Woman”, where I shared my experience of living with a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. Now, after years of dreaming, I’m finally working on my debut Christian Romance Novel.

I make my home in sunny Florida where I’m surrounded by a ridiculous number of writing journals and artisan coffee mugs. I love rummaging through antique shops, the arresting aroma of lavender, and I admit a quirky affinity for all things office supplies! Closer to my heart are bear hugs from my crazy husband, time spent with my adult children, and the companionship of Lilly, our feisty Dachshund.

I believe we all have a voice and many things need to be said. What better way than to write stuff down? For me, writing is a way to express my thoughts of the world around me, to describe experiences that move my spirit, and to share how God meets me daily just as I am, with all my broken pieces. Join me as we journey together sharing devotions, stories, and random ponderings. 

Come, sit for a spell . . . I’ll put the coffee on.

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