It’s Autumn and more than crisp, colorful leaves are falling…three couples are falling in the love of their lifetimes. Welcome to the first short story collection by Debut Author Dawn Van Beck, which includes three short and sweet romances.

The lives of Brooke Westfield and Luke Spencer were worlds apart and yet, peculiar circumstances compelled them to unlock each other’s secrets.

Nothing shows the Spirit of the Holiday Season like: looking at Christmas through the eyes of a child, receiving an unexpected gift of love from someone you thought you’d lost long ago, or being there to light up the new year for a stranger who, unbeknownst to you at the time, has only a few days to live.

In this latest collection of Short and Sweet Love Stories, Dawn Van Beck gives you a glimpse of three more families whose lives are forever changed by the people they love and hold most dear – whether it’s their spouse, parents, children, dear friends, or significant other.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are two heartwarming short stories that wrap it all up with one determined red envelope and one box of chocolates.
The unconditional love between a mother and daughter. The unconditional love between a human soul and God.

Spring is the time of year Barnabas the Kind-Hearted Bunny likes best. Besides helping everyone, nothing pleases him more than soaking in the sunshine amid the colorful, spring flowers by the pond at the edge of his forest home. 

Lazy Lilly the Dachshund is in for a big surprise the day her human, Amanda, brings home a puppy named Tucker. Lilly likes to nap…a lot. Tucker likes to play…a lot.

For the first time in a single volume – the first 9 Short & Sweet Stories of Love by beloved storyteller Dawn Van Beck. This collection includes the following books: Autumn Love, Holiday Moments, Twisted Fate and Destined to be Valentines.

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