Autumn Love – Debut Book Release!

Autumn Love

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Praise for Dawn Van Beck

“Wow! I’m in love…with the short and sweet romances of Debut Author Dawn Van Beck. She’s a master storyteller, who makes you feel every bit of the magic in the tales she weaves. Such perfect, little short stories that just make you feel good and offer a wonderful reminder that love triumphs overall. I’m looking forward to her next collection.” — D. D. Scott, International Bestselling Author


It’s Autumn and more than crisp, colorful leaves are falling…three couples are falling in the love of their lifetimes.

Welcome to the first short story collection by Debut Author Dawn Van Beck, which includes the following three short and sweet romances:

Autumn Splendor:

Blair Sutton somewhat expected to run into her childhood best friend, Colton Kingsbury, as they reunited for her Paw Paw’s funeral in Eagle River, Wisconsin. What she didn’t expect, however, was for Colton’s presence to reignite the smoldering feelings she’d vowed to dismiss for the past several years. As their limited time together presents an opportunity to take inventory of their current lives, will Blair continue to suppress her feelings, or will she finally admit to what Colton anticipated all along?

As the Leaves Turn:

The leaves aren’t the only things falling in Michigan’s charming Upper Peninsula! Grace Montgomery spends a vacation weekend in the quaint lakeside town of St. Ignace. Reluctantly allowing the handsome Brandon Walker to be her personal tour guide, their companionship leads her questioning everything about her life back in Chicago, including her complex relationship with her boyfriend, Dexter. Will Grace choose to remain in Chicago, or will she one day return to St. Ignace…and to Brandon?

Victorian Fall:

Kendall’s world crushes beneath him as his beloved Jasmine suffers amnesia following a horrible accident. Kendall makes repeated attempts to trigger Jasmine’s memory of the strong bond of love between them. As time passes and his hope diminishes, will sparks of the life they once shared appear along with the Victorian Fall Festival they came to love as the couple they once were?

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