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Barnabas the Kind-hearted Bunny

Spring is the time of year Barnabas the Kind-Hearted Bunny likes best. Besides helping everyone, nothing pleases him more than soaking in the sunshine amid the colorful, spring flowers by the pond at the edge of his forest home.

Upon hearing distressed cries in the distance, Barnabas rushes to figure out a way to bring a bunch of stranded baby chicks to safety before it’s too late to save them.

That’s what kind-hearted bunnies do…



“Barnabas is quite a bunny! And what a gigantic heart he has! Such a terrific way to teach children all-things kindness as well as the beauty of spring and all its blessings. Also, the illustrations are adorable!”
— D. D. Scott, International Bestselling Author


Now available for Kindle or paperback! Click on the Amazon icon to obtain your copy!

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