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Nothing shows the Spirit of the Holiday Season like: looking at Christmas through the eyes of a child, receiving an unexpected gift of love from someone you thought you’d lost long ago, or being there to light up the new year for a stranger who, unbeknownst to you at the time, has only a few days to live.

Welcome to the first holiday short story collection by Dawn Van Beck, which includes the following three short and sweet holiday stories:

Take Your Star:

For Katarina, the Christmas season serves as a painful reminder of how little she has to be thankful for. After a chance meeting with a young boy named Jacob, Katarina wonders if perhaps she has it all wrong. Jacob’s wisdom and confident determination to pursue joy may be the exact thing Katarina needs to finally “take her star”. After all, as Jacob says, “We’re all broken, right?”

The Unexpected Gift:

Miss Amelia Abbott is living out her golden years with fond, but painful memories of her time spent with the handsome Wesley Kent…a love story that came to a tragic end years ago on Christmas Day. Each year, her neighbors, Tess and Parker, invite her to their Christmas Day festivities, but she turns them down. This year, however, a mysterious package arrives for Miss Abbott the day before Christmas. Will this unexpected gift prove once and for all that hearts really do come home for Christmas?


Victoria Wellington has one simple wish…to be “normal” on New Year’s Eve. Little does she realize her evening spent with her cab driver, Joshua, will turn out to be nothing short of extraordinary. Can the heartwarming companionship between she and Joshua on that magical night fulfill her final resolution?



Dawn Van Beck has done it again! And this time it’s three, powerful, straight-to-the-heart short stories capturing the Spirit of the Holiday Season. A master storyteller, who knows how to spin phenomenal tales full of heart and the family experience, she reminds us all that it’s the love and hope in our hearts and souls and the kindness we show others that allow us to rise above anything. I’m looking forward to lots more from her.

— D. D. Scott, International Bestselling Author


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