What’s Holding You?


“Direct my footsteps according to Your word; let no sin rule over me.”  Psalm 119:133 (NIV)

With a giant yawn I find the small, black button. “On.”

The “machine” is running. Percolating. Brewing. The robust aroma of French roast begins to seep into the room. I’m poised and ready, with cup in hand. Ready to pour at the earliest possible second the machine announces its gurgling finish.

That’s how my morning used to start. Now–I’m in the process of giving up my morning coffee. Say what? I know, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Now, hear me out. I’m not stepping on the toes of coffee lovers everywhere. Keep in mind, I still love coffee. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s a hug in a mug, right? For me, however, it’s something in my life that’s gotta go.

I’ve come face to face with my reliance on caffeine to get my engine started. Worse, I’ve learned the massive amount of non-dairy creamer I insist on adding to my cup ‘o joe, well, just isn’t healthy for me. I’m frequently asked, ‘Do you like coffee with your cream?’ Not good.

So, I started weaning myself off my morning brew. As I slowly decreased my intake in small increments, withdrawal symptoms announced their presence. I was shocked to discover, that even in cutting back tiny bits at a time, I became jittery, sluggish, and a tad irritable. Coffee had a definite “hold” on me. I was addicted.

I reflected back on how gradually my little habit started, and how I justified what I considered to be a “mild” routine. I was only drinking three cups every morning. Not too bad, right? Truth is, it didn’t matter if I drank three cups or thirty, I was still hooked.

Isn’t that just like sin?

We’re sometimes attracted to things that may lead down an unhealthy path. It begins ever so slowly. We provide reasonable explanations to ourselves as to why our actions aren’t that bad, and might actually have good merit. We justify good reasons for our participation.

Sins of addiction can be easy. I’m talking about the subtle areas in our lives that consume us to the point where our focus is not where it should be. We might be addicted to chocolate, to work, playing the lottery, food, or shopping (ouch). And coffee. In and of themselves, these things may not cause harm. But given enough fuel to form a gripping habit, they can override our focus and lessen our self-control.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Matthew 6:21

Where are your treasures today? What’s holding you?

Lord, I don’t want areas of my life to clutch me to an extreme where I’m obeying my impulses rather than You. I pray for strength to focus on Your guidelines for me, so that I may conduct my life in ways that are pleasing to You.



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