How Did I Miss This?

Here we are again, heading into a brand-new year with a list of resolutions. Throughout my seasoned age, let’s just say I’ve made my fair share of New Year Resolutions over the years. Sadly, ...
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How To Keep Your Tinsel From Tangling

Yep—you’ve managed to put away your card tables, folding chairs, and autumn linens, and you’ve polished off the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Just as you are about to relax from your recent fall ...
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Irresolute Valor

Was it all worth it? The perpetual question traveled through Samuel Montgomery’s mind while he shuffled into The Crow’s Nest with an unsteady gait. It was a question interrupting his mundane routine by day ...
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A Gratitude Attitude

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a sitcom? I certainly do, and much more often than I care to admit. Recently, it was the day before my granddaughter’s very first birthday. (I ...
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Winning the Woes of “What-if-itis”

“Oh, what if we hadn’t come to Florida for a family visit!” My brother-in-law’s voice bellowed above the rest of our chattering clan, leaving us speechless and a bit stunned. Our family clan had ...
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