Lessons Gleaned In Quarantine

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Numerous people around the country are beginning to come out of their quarantine hiding. Folks are finally beginning to creep back into their normal, daily routines. Well ...
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Tackling the Tug of Technology

Pu-leeze! Did my eyes deceive me, or was I really witness to a most disturbing, tragic event recently? Hubby and I were out to dinner at one of our favorite hangouts doing what we ...
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Tides of Change

So . . . January may be over, but a New Year has just begun! As I’ve been reflecting on my “word of the year” for 2020, I thought I’d share some thoughts about ...
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Pardon the Turkey

The tangy aroma of barbecue meatballs, smoked turkey, and French-onion green bean casserole wafted through the air as dinner plates were filled, one by one at the buffet line in the kitchen. We each ...
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Never Forget to Remember

With flailing arms and unrestrained laughter, the six of us dashed through heavy rainfall and piled into our hotel shuttle bus, eager to get to our dinner destination. Last Fall, Hubby and I, along ...
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