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New Children’s Book Release!

LAZY LILLY AND THE BIG SURPRISE – Now available as an eBook . . . paperback coming SOON! Click on the Amazon icon on right column or at the bottom of page to order your copy today! Lazy Lilly the Dachshund is in for a big surprise the day her human, Amanda, brings home a

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New Holiday Book Release!

HOLIDAY MOMENTS: THREE SHORT & SWEET HOLIDAY STORIES Available Now on Amazon BUY THE BOOK Nothing shows the Spirit of the Holiday Season like: looking at Christmas through the eyes of a child, receiving an unexpected gift of love from someone you thought you’d lost long ago, or being there to light up the new

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Pardon the Turkey

The tangy aroma of barbecue meatballs, smoked turkey, and French-onion green bean casserole wafted through the air as dinner plates were filled, one by one at the buffet line in the kitchen. We each collected our bounty of home-cooked creations and made our way to the long, extended table in the dining room. It was

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Never Forget to Remember

With flailing arms and unrestrained laughter, the six of us dashed through heavy rainfall and piled into our hotel shuttle bus, eager to get to our dinner destination. Last Fall, Hubby and I, along with some of our kids were enjoying a few days in Ann Arbor, Michigan to watch a football game. Most of

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The Power of Letting Go

“A mother’s job is to teach her children to not need her anymore. The hardest part of that job is accepting success.”   – Anonymous Friends, I’ll be honest. I’ve been navigating my recent days with a painful lump lodged in my throat and tears free-falling down my face. A few months ago I had to

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Strength In Weakness

My heart sank as I swallowed the lump in my throat. I imagined what she must’ve been feeling. The young woman caught my eye as I drove past the empty parking lot on my way home from the store. There she sat, on the pavement in front of her car, her feet straight out in

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m a writer, singer, child of God and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. Welcome to my collection of short stories, devotions and random thoughts swirling around in my head. Hoping you’ll be refreshed as you take a few moments to read a little something here or there. Come, sit for a spell . . . I’ll put the coffee on.


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