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The Adventure Begins

“Keep your eyes on what’s in front of you, not on what’s behind you!”, I’d scream. Ahhhhh, famous last words spoken with firm guidance from the archives of driver education mantras. I well remember uttering this phrase (repeatedly) to my kids as they began learning how to operate a motor vehicle. Of course, we all

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Not Everything Is Cancelled!

We’re all painfully aware of the tremendous loss suffered in 2020 by the closure of numerous businesses since the start of the coronavirus disease. While schools, stores, restaurants, offices, and gyms have been temporarily or permanently closed, we’ve all gained firsthand experience, at some point, of having aspects of our normal routine completely shut down. 

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A Choosy Beggar

We don’t often think of ourselves as “needy and greedy, though sometimes we’re more similar to that of a beggar than we’d like to admit. During this season of Thanksgiving, perhaps instead of focusing on everything we want in life, we should instead appreciate everything we already have.  

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Wonder You

I did it again! I CRIED at a children’s movie. Yes, I have a habit of doing this. (Sigh.) A while ago I took my granddaughter to see “Wonder Park”, and even though the film somewhat limped along at times, it was quite creative and gave me a bit of food for thought. Now, before

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Four Ways to Diffuse a Difficult Situation

It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t pretty. At all. A while ago, I was on a phone call. The woman on the opposite end of the phone line was defensive, obstinate, cynical, intolerant, dogmatic . . . I could go on. Worse than her “charming” personality was the fact she didn’t allow me to speak. She

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Thanks for stopping by! I’m an author, singer, child of God and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. Welcome to my collection of short stories, devotions and random thoughts swirling around in my head. Hoping you’ll be refreshed as you take a few moments to read a little something here or there. Come, sit for a spell . . . I’ll put the coffee on.

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